The eight new Ford faculty

New faculty deepen Ford School expertise in key areas

Sociologist Celeste Watkins-Hayes, political scientist Jenna Bednar, Ambassador Susan D. Page, and other outstanding leaders join the Ford School faculty this fall. more »

CLOSUP advises local leaders on public finance during pandemic

Partnering with experts across Michigan, the Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy produced a dozen resource guides to help leaders manage local fiscal health. more »


Weiser Diplomacy Center forges new partnership with Gulf International Forum

New program will offer intensive eight week fellowship for graduate students interested in the Gulf region. more »


Education Policy Initiative receives 5-year $4.6M IES grant for doctoral training

Renewed federal grant will prepare doctoral students to evaluate education programs and policies using rigorous analytic methods. more »

COVID-19: From Epidemiology to Equity »

Paula Lantz

Paula Lantz, associate dean of the Ford School and James B. Hudak Professor of Health Policy, and Michael S. Barr, dean of the Ford School, discuss the emerging social epidemiology of COVID-19 and public health and social policy responses. June 2020.


Combating poverty and inequality amidst a pandemic »

Dean Michael S. Barr, Alford Young Jr., and Luke Shaefer

Professors H. Luke Shaefer and Alford Young Jr. reflect on how the current public health crisis has exposed deep inequities in the U.S., leaving millions unemployed and straining social services. July 2020.


"I suppose that the impulse to start anew comes from the many years of trying to address the problem piecemeal, or the seeming magnitude of the problem as well as the difficulty that exists with changing institutions and the individuals embedded within them." Christian Davenport on What "Defund the Police" really means.

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"In the Philippines alone, a 20 percent drop in remittances would throw about 380,000 people into extreme poverty. In Mexico ... a 20 percent cut in remittance income would cause roughly 800 additional deaths of children under age one each year." Dean Yang, describing the potential effects of the global pandemic on remittances home from immigrants to the U.S.

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"The Land and Water Conservation Fund case offers some insights into how to link a fee or tax on resource extraction and eventual use with the provision of a broad public benefit." Barry Rabe on a politicaly viable path forward for carbon pricing.

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"Just as Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and General Mark Milley came to recognize that our military should not be used for political purposes, neither should the men and women who wear DHS uniforms." Javed Ali on the Department of Homeland Security deployment in Portland.



"We are letting the whole child care system erode in such a way that it’s not going to be there for us when we are fully ready to go back....Child care is not a personal issue, it’s not a women’s issue; it’s actually an economic issue." Betsey Stevenson on the child care crisis and labor market impact of policy responses to the global pandemic.

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